Providing a Watchful Eye Over the Residents of Orlando With Home & Business Security Monitoring

What would happen if...

  • you were on vacation and a burglar broke in your home?
  • a vandal threw a rock through the front window of your business during the night?
  • your senior family member fell in a room with no telephone?
  • your warehouse was burglarized over a weekend?
  • your child didn't come home at the expected time after school?

Unfortunately, these things happen daily in Orlando. Business & home security monitoring provides a way to keep a close watch over your loved ones, pets, belongings, and business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help ensure their safety. Choose the type of home or business security monitoring that best suits your needs.

Business & Home Security

Monitoring your property, with the help of professionals right here in the state of Florida, can give you the peace of mind you need when you're away from your home or business. You'll never have to wonder if the neighbor forgot how to use your security system or if your employees turned on the security system when they left for the day. Instead, you can have the peace of mind that a local Florida company is standing guard and ready to provide help in case of emergency.

Depending on the system & service you have, home / business security monitoring can offer the benefits of:

  • larger discounts with insurance carriers
  • notification when children arrive home
  • panic buttons and invasion codes
  • peace of mind for elderly loved ones who spend extended periods alone
  • security for your home or business while you're away
  • immediate response for fire, burglary or other emergencies
  • a handy keychain fob to let you quickly arm or disarm the system or signal for help
  • yard signs and decals warning criminals that your home or business is being monitored

Basic Digital Monitoring

As an Orlando customer with basic digital business or home security monitoring, your security system will be connected to the central monitoring station where it is supervised around the clock. In the event of a burglary or a fire, the central station will call your home or business to verify and then if no answer or an incorrect password is given the proper authorities will be promptly dispatched to your location. Depending on the capabilities of your security system, it may also be able to alert the central station when you press a panic button, if your batteries are low and send periodic communicator tests.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Similar to basic monitoring (above), fire alarm monitoring responds to smoke, heat or duct sensors as well as sprinkler activation or manual pull stations.

Broadband Internet Monitoring

Orlando residents can now have access to Top Security Inc.'s new Internet home & business security monitoring. The central monitoring station can receive alarm signals through the Internet via a high speed DSL or cable modem connection installed at your premise. The control panel at your home or business can be polled as often as every five minutes. If there is no response, an operator can either contact someone on your call list or the authorities, at your discretion. Internet home or business security monitoring is the most efficient means of knowing the status of your system.

Non-Supervised Opening / Closing Monitoring

Business security monitoring is available with non-supervised or supervised opening /closing. Non-supervised opening/closing monitoring logs what times and dates employees armed or disarmed the system. Depending on your system, the data may also include the names of employees. Each month you are mailed (or emailed) a report. Finally, you can view this information securely on Top Security Inc.'s website at anytime.

Supervised Opening / Closing Monitoring

With supervised opening / closing monitoring it takes business security monitoring one step further. You set the parameters of when your business opens and closes. If the security system isn't armed or disarmed within the correct time frames, an operator is alerted who notifies you or another person you name.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular Monitoring is one of the most advanced types of monitoring available to Orlando customers for business or home security monitoring. If you live or work in high crime areas or need a more sophisticated method of monitoring your valuables, it is strongly suggested you choose cellular monitoring. There are a number of ways a standard telephone line can become disabled. With cellular monitoring, however, a cellular transmitter can still send emergency signals to the central station, giving you a higher level of home or business security monitoring.

Need additional information or have questions, contact us today and we'll gladly help you access which type of home or business security monitoring is right for you.

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