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What good is a security system if it doesn’t allow you full access and prevent you from worrying? Most security systems only provide information if you’re standing in front of the keypad, and even then, many firms only install LED keypads—which are hard to operate not user-friendly LCD alphanumeric custom text keypads like we use.

The majority of security systems rely on a traditional landline or digital phone line, but those can let you down. For example, all circuits may be busy, a car accident could knock down a telephone pole, or lines may be cut by a construction crew or damaged in a storm. Worse yet, telephone lines can be disabled intentionally. Think about how often you’ve been without cable service; now consider whether you want your security system to be “out” that often.

Don’t let stormy weather, accidents, and bad guys interfere with your security system. emPower™, a unique service that uses a nationwide network of high-tech GSM cell phone towers, can provide non-stop protection. emPower is also an ideal solution for customers who’ve given up landline phones in favor of cell phones and VoIP.

Keep reading to find out why emPower is the ultimate multi-tasking answer, providing not only exceptional protection but also crucial insight into everyday activities that can save you money, time, and worry.


emPower Puts You In Charge

Since phone lines aren’t involved, you can access emPower’s suite of services with a computer or mobile device. You’ll never again wonder whether you locked your doors (if you add this feature) or activated your security system. Manage the system 24 hours a day from any Web-enabled computer or smart cell phone (like a Blackberry, iPhone or Android)…whether you’re at the gym around the corner or on a business trip halfway around the world.

Manage Energy: Save Money and Go Green

emPower does so much more than monitor your security system. It’s a comprehensive tool that allows you to control your home or office’s energy usage so you can reduce your bills, help the planet, and enhance your safety. Inside the house or anywhere you have an Internet connection, emPower works with your home’s Z-Wave-compatible devices so you can:

  • Program your thermostat to run warmer or cooler throughout the day.
  • Turn lights on and off, as well as create a lighting schedule that welcomes you home at night and keeps trespassers away when you’re gone.

Our professional team will assess your home’s thermostat and lighting systems to be sure they’re Z-Wave compatible. If not, it’s easy to update these appliances with Z-Wave devices that communicate seamlessly with the GSM cell towers.

Best of all, the energy-saving benefits of emPower are easy to use; the intuitive system walks you through every step.

Monitor What’s Important

Sometimes you simply want to know more about what’s going on inside your home or business—not because the police or fire department might be needed, but because you just want to know. Maybe these situations sound familiar:

  • It’s 4 p.m., and you’re wondering if your teen came straight home from school—or took a detour with friends.
  • Your housecleaner says she spends four hours at your house every Thursday, but the cobwebs say otherwise. This tool can help you determine if you need to reevaluate the relationship.
  • While you trust your kids, you’d like to know for sure if they or any of their friends have gotten into your medicine, liquor, or gun cabinets.


Or what about these common business scenarios:

  • You have to go back to the office for the third time this month because an employee forgot to activate the security system.
  • You notice that some papers in your office have been moved and wonder if a member of your staff has been in there.
  • Your employees swear they’re in the office by 8 a.m. even on days when you aren’t there, but you want to be certain.

emPower makes it possible for you to monitor everyday activities, get reports about which locks have been accessed, and receive information about sensor activity. Knowledge is power, and emPower gives you immediate access to nearly everything that’s happening in your home or business just as though you were there!

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