+ How long has Top Security Inc. been in business?

Our company was founded in Central Florida in 1982.

+ We dont ask for the following?


+ Are you affiliated with any national company?

No, although we have been contacted numerous times by national firms to become their dealer. We take pride
in being able to offer the best system for the individual customer's needs instead of having to offer only cookie cutter - one size fits all systems.

+ Do you provide Guard services?

No. We install, service and monitor electronic security, fire and closed circuit or IP camera systems.

+ Do you lease systems?

No. We sell our systems outright. This allows us to keep our monitoring rates reasonable.
Additonally, when you sell the home or business the system adds value as opposed to a liability for the new owner.


+ Do we require monitoring?

Yes. The reason is that many people are desensitized to the sound of a siren or simply
do not want to get involved in their neighbor's business. Additionally, monitoring allows us to have a log of any issues that need to be
addressed in the system.

+ Do you require a monitoring agreement?

Yes. The advantage to this is your monitoring rate is locked in at the prevailing rate for the initial term.
If you do not have a term agreement, the company can raise your rate at anytime, like the cable or telephone company. Additonally, with our firm the longer the term the lower the rate.

+ Do I need to have a telephone line at my home or business?

The most cost effective method of monitoring a security system
is to have a land line for the security system to utilize. There are two types of premise telephone lines - analog (preferred) and digital.
We also offer cellular units that can be used as a substitution or backup for a traditional telephone line. Instead, if you are planning on living in the
home or remaining at the business location for several years or more this is more economical even after you add the cost of the cellular unit and the additional
network access monthly cost.

+ Do I have to upgrade my existing security system to be monitored by your company?

No. We can work with most makes and models. There are a few exceptions, if your have a Brinks / Broadview security system it would need to be replaced
because they use a proprietary firmware and thus they are the only ones that can program / monitor the system. It is our policy, to install a more universally compatible system.

+ Is your central station located in Florida?

Yes. Actually it is located in Longwood. There are a number of advantages to having a local central station.
First, the operators are aware of the local weather conditions. Second, they can assist the proper authorities in finding your home or business because they
are more familiar with the area. Third, our central station is fully licensed to conduct business in this state. A number of out of state monitoring facilities
are not properly licensed to monitor systems in this state. Finally, our central station is one part of a larger network. So if one central station becomes
incapacitated by a natural disaster the calls can be automatically handled by another location.

Concord / Concord Express Basic Commands

+ How do I set the time and date on my keypad?

Procedure for setting time and date for Concord / Concord Express:
  • Press 9 + CODE
  • Now Keypad shows "Time and Date"
  • Press #
  • Enter Four Digit Time (Military)
  • Press #
  • Press B
  • Enter Six Digit Date
  • Press #
  • Press *
  • Press A (Twice)
  • Press # to exit user programming
  • Keypad should now show current Time and Date

+ How do I send a test signal to the central station?

Procedure for sending test signal to the central station for Concord / Concord Express:
  • Press 8 + CODE + 2
  • Now Keypad shows "Phone Test"