False Alarm Reduction FAQ

False Alarm Reduction Q & A


Why should I be concerned about false dispatches?


  • It wastes police officers time that could be better spent investigating real crimes.
  • It disturbs neighbors and / or business patrons.
  • It makes people reluctant to use the system.


How can I reduce the chance of false dispatches?


  • Learn how to properly operate your security system and memorize your pass word / pass number.
  • Make sure all doors / windows are not loose fitting and are locked.
  • With motion or glass break detectors, make sure that all windows are secured. A breeze can move curtains and plants, causing motion sensors to trigger. A glass sensor may react to outside noise.
  • Before setting your alarm system make sure family pets are in a "safe" area where they will not disturb motion sensors. Pet birds with high pitched calls can cause glass sensors to activate. Cats and dogs can cause motion sensors to activate if they are not pet immune. Motion sensors with this feature have only been available for the last few years.
  • Do not allow any moving items to remain in an area where a motion sensor is located. Do not stack any items in front of a motion sensor. Loose banners, swinging plants, ceiling fans and particularly Mylar balloons cause false activations.
  • Everyone with a key, such as, children, neighbors, relatives, domestic help, visitors and repairmen to your property should know how to operate the system and have a pass word / pass number. These people should have a separate code if your panel has the capability.
  • Not having a proper identification code or word can cause a Police Dispatch and a possible fine.
  • Call us before tenting, fumigating or remodeling your home to get advice on how to prevent false activations from smoke sensors caused by fumes or dust.
  • Investigate all unexplained dispatches. Have your system serviced on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that your emergency contact list is current and accurate.
  • Remember to call us if you are going on vacation, getting a pet, have a disabled relative move in, plan to sell or remodel your house.


What should I do in case I set my system off?


  • Remain calm. Locate your arm / disarm code and identification¬† word or code.
  • Confirm that there isn't really an intruder or a fire present in your home. Leave the home immediately if either are present. Do not confront an intruder. Unless the fire is isolated to a small area and you have an approved fire extinguisher do not try to put the fire out yourself.
  • If the activation was accidental go to your keypad and disarm the security system by carefully entering your arm / disarm code. After the system is disarmed. If you have an cellular or second phone line available immediately call the central station give them your identification number and advise them that it was an accidental activation. After you have cancelled the dispatch with an operator. Rearm the security system before leaving your home or business.